Victim of Beauty

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Update: Watch the video interview with Daniela Avramova, here.

Recommended Parental Controls: The photographs are not recommended for persons under 16 years.
And for the faint hearted.


Photography by Vasil Germanov / thinktanklab
SFX makeup by Daniela Avramova
Beauty hair and makeup by Slav
Models Gabriela and Nora at Ivet Fashion

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27 коментара за “Victim of Beauty”

  1. Odioso says:

    Me parece una salvajada frivolizar con un tema tan serio.
    Las marcas de maquillaje,vestuario,joyas,las modelos,y el fotógrafo tampoco han tenido una actitud de admirar,prestandose para algo así.

  2. Lilliana says:

    Really all you are doing is documenting the beauty of mulage? Are you people insane? You are GLAMORIZING the horror of Abuse of Women. Period. There is absolutely nothing artistic about this spread. There is a HUGE difference between DOCUMENTING ABUSE and GLAMORIZING ABUSE and you are Guilty of the latter. Women are beaten, maimed, killed every day in every single nation and now your title alone blames beauty for the abuse? Disgusting!

  3. Yulianna says:

    I see this as nothing but an expression of Bulgarian cultural views regarding violence against women. It’s a pervasive problem over there, and I’m willing to bet that this idiotic magazine has more than a few men on staff who think nothing of beating their wives or girlfriends. Why not skip the makeup and batter them for real? Disgusting and shameful.

  4. Twelve says:

    Well Yulianna, you lose the bet, the men in our staff are all gay, so your thesis is as empty as your conclusion.
    Why not skip commenting and think for real?

  5. Yulianna says:

    @Twelve: That makes it worse. Gay men are another large population who are often the victims of physical abuse, and as such should be extra sympathetic to survivors of domestic violence. Why not feature a photo spread of battered gay men and call it art?

  6. Twelve says:

    Why not stop trying to make this shoot about domestic violence?

  7. Yulianna says:

    @Twelve: The sad thing about this shoot is that, appropriately contextualized, you could be sending the complete opposite message, yet you chose to turn a serious issue into a frivolous commercial endeavor. Sadly, this problem does not exist in a vacuum, it is pervasive in your industry. In trying to be edgy, you simply followed suit. Congratulations on using an under served population to garner publicity and sell more magazines.

  8. Yulianna says:

    @Twelve: Why feature a photo spread full of battered women?

  9. Yulianna says:

    @Twelve: Ok, if I’m not supposed to make this about violence against women, what are you trying to say, exactly? If I decide to look at this uncritically, the only thing I get out of this spread is “Battered women are pretty. I should totally buy that lipstick.”

  10. Yulianna says:

    And I admit my initial comment about your staff was out of line, but it got your attention, didn’t it? Just like your photo shoot, attention-grabbing and out of line.

  11. Yulianna says:

    Ok, I read this article and see now that you were going for horror flick:

    In which case, this project was just poorly conceptualized. It might not hurt to consult other female editors (women outside of the fashion industry) before releasing this stuff.

  12. Twelve says:

    Well that’s the thing, isn’t it? We didn’t explain our meaning, making it possible for everyone to read what they want. And if you are reading “abuse”, it is in your head, not ours. We see beautiful girls, shockingly good special effects makeup, and great photography.

  13. Yulianna says:

    That is a complete cop out. You’re basically saying that your magazine is blameless because you didn’t bother to contextualize your photos– that is exactly the problem. Artists contextualize their work all the time (see: Nan Goldin), or at least explain themselves in an artist’s statement. If you were going for “horror flick,” why not reference some actual horror movies? Or throw in some props? Or include men? Men also die in horror movies, you know?

    Violence against women is not just “in my head,” it is a very real, unglamorous thing. I agree that that your artists and photographers have good technique, but what’s at issue here (artistically) is a poorly thought out concept and equally thoughtless execution. Your customers deserve better. Women deserve better.

  14. Yulianna says:

    Actually, these photos ARE contextualized by the title of the spread, “Victim of Beauty.”

    the word “victim” + pictures of women with black eyes = foregone conclusion

  15. alli says:

    Victim of Beauty? Wouldn’t that be photos of anorexic women with their name brand bags or women with deformed feet in their jimmy choos? This makes no sense. If you’re going for horror film you failed.

    If this is supposed to say women who are victims of abuse are also beautiful why not use women really affected by it and show their true beauty/courage, instead of creating women who look like acid has been on their face or sliced? This is the weirdest, sickest commercial project. It seems like this was not conceptualized and made just to sensationalize.

  16. khris says:

    christ there are other reasons for a woman being hurt besides domestic violence. it’s actually quite a sexist mentality that for every injured woman you see that there’s a man behind it who supports this somehow. then whilst being so dangerously judgemental (like how the people who contributed to these photos names and reps are currently being dragged through the mud) you’re probably going to tell someone to check their privilege.


  17. Helen Nelsen says:

    As a consumer and a woman I’m tired of seeing this boring crap. Oh, how edgy she looks like acid has been thrown in her face. A half-rated American reality show did this in 2007.

  18. Lindsay says:

    The “Victims of Beauty” spread is bad, the defense is worse. Violence against women is real, these images are sensationializing it and in no way is that art (or original in any way.) Sure, some skill went into the actual makeup, photography and special effects but that is the last thing people think of when clicking through these images. To think that ALL people are going to think of when they see these photos are, ‘wow what neat effects and purdy faces these are’ is delusional, superficial, and blatenly ignorant. There is a reason so many people are reading abuse from this spread and that’s because it showcases ABUSE.

  19. Krake says:

    Khris: Lots of other reasons besides domestic violence, huh? Okay, how about violence against women, period? Serial killers, rapists, wife beaters… hmmmm… 99% male. Then there are magazines trying to come off as “edgy” when all they’re doing is copying other magazines and ads that PROMOTE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, PERIOD.


  20. Krem says:

    СТРАХОТНИ СТЕ!!!!!!!

  21. Krem says:

    You are just amaising guys!!! Thank’s for this nice job!

  22. }Luna{ says:

    As a woman, I think these photos ….. ARE GREAT !!!
    Nobody likes violence in this (in)sanitized world !
    Impose these images hurts people of a well known truth that they don’t want to see.
    Showing brutality in beauty remind people that these violence can appends to ANYONE.

    But … it’s not your fault that there is still stupid people that couldn’t understand and couldn’t think more depper than just what they see :P

    Keep going, hurt people ! Maybe one day, we shouldn’t have anymore violence to show :P

    Best regards,

  23. Twelve says:

    Thank you all for the commentaries, both positive and negative!

  24. Krem says:

    Thank you, Twelve!

  25. Kremdekrem says:

    How people don’t understand that these pictures are AGAINST violence ?… Who can honestly pretend that the photograph wants to promote violence against women ?… Who would think watching these pictures “oh,that’s nice, I should beat my wife” ?… These pictures are shocking, but it’s for a good reason. There is no need to explain everything beforehand. The meaning of this pictures is clear enough ! All these western comments are insane ! Ah, if it was a french, an american or an italian decadent artist who would have made this shooting, I guess it would be different… By the way, I’m a westerner !

  26. no name says:

    I like these photographs very much and understand both the critical and positive remarks. I am a “victim” of physical, sexual and mental abuse and I am glad to see, that even when people struggle with abuse they are still regarded valuable and beautiful. It takes strength to be a victim, but we often fail in carrying it with elegance and that is not a pretty sight. The title “victims of beauty” is rather misleading if your intention was to praise strong woman who suffers different kinds of violent experiences.
    However, I do like these pictures. To me they mean that even when I am being reduced to nothing, I still have me and I am beautiful – regardless.

  27. A says:

    I don’t think those photos are about domestic violence at all, and certainly not glamourizing it. If it were, the title should be “beauty of victims” instead of “victims of beauty”. Being a victim of dv myself, I don’t find this offensive at all. I think this is a very creative idea with good make up artist and photographers to present those photos.
    And to attack the magazine staffs and make offensive comments about their country is just rude and ignorant. Give these guys a break.
    Well done, twelve.

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