Victim of Beauty

Ъпдейт: Вижте видео интервюто с Даниела Аврамова, тук.

Препоръчителен родителски контрол: снимките не се препоръчват за лица под 16 години.
И за хора със слаби нерви.


Фотография от Васил Германов / thinktanklab
SFX грим от Даниела Аврамова
Beauty грим и коса от Слав
Модели Габриела и Нора от Ivet Fashion

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  1. nikimoto says:

    wow! veliko!

  2. DD says:

    To me this is amazing!! While some may think that this glamorizes violence, I think it makes you think outside of the square to what the photographer was trying to depict. To me it says while a woman can be scarred, she can in fact still be beautiful.

  3. Twelve says:

    We are very glad you like it DD! Thank you:)

  4. Полякинята says:

    много интересно. това грим ли е или фотошоп? наистина готино се получи и прави впечатление.

  5. AМТ says:

    Изчетох доста противоречиви коментари по повод тази фотосесия и на финала мисля, че работата е свършена перфектно, защото провакцията е налице! Дори не знам защо масовата първа асоциация е с домашното насилие/нямам идея каква е идеята в действителност/, заглавието колкото и да е клиширано миксирано със съдържанието носят доста интересни тълкувания.
    Тези картинки мен ме докоснаха по-съвсем различен начин и ми донесоха доста различно послание. Алармата ми светна на червено съвсем в друга посока:”Красиви дами, не предизвиквайте природата и не прекалявайте с пластичните корекции и т.н.”
    Успех 12!

  6. six says:

    Not is this troubling & stupid, its boring. A brick has more creativity.

  7. Amy says:

    This is beautiful. I model, and this is the kind of photography that I would be excited to work with, it is creative and strange and certainly would not cause violence or make women more likely to accept it.

  8. Hayley says:

    This is the glorification of violence against women dressed up as “art”. It is demoralizing to women and offensive to anyone who has ever experienced violence. Use the pictures for a campaign against violence against women. Otherwise you must expect to be condemned for trying to cash in on something that is so reprehensible.

  9. Hayley says:

    Perhaps some proceeds of the sale of your magazine could be donated to an organization that prevents crime against women?

  10. Twelve says:

    No, Hayley, it is not. And we are not cashing on anything, this is a voluntary project.

  11. Twelve says:

    As you can see, we are not selling the magazine, it is free to access, read and enjoy.

  12. MAD says:

    Wow, not in a good way!!! Those pictures are not appealing at all. These pictures are making women into objects and glamourizing violence as something that is good and pretty. DD said it in a nutshell “a woman can be scarred, she can still in fact be beautiful” I partway agree with that. A woman can be beautiful with scars if they were natural like from birth or from an accident, not from violence. By making it seem like scars from violence are pretty, we normalize the violence the violence that happens against women. This magazine should be ashamed to have come up with these photos and promote them among the general population.

  13. Yutani says:

    I wonder what would you say MAD, if those were wounded but well-groomed boys. I personally think there’s more meaning in those photographs, than we all think. The facf that this shoot provoked so many different opinions proves it well.

  14. Nicolle says:

    Job well done. Thought-provoking and beautiful.

    “…if those were wounded but well-groomed boys. I personally think there’s more meaning in those photographs, than we all think. The facf that this shoot provoked so many different opinions proves it well…”

    Well said. Close-mindedness is not attractive.

  15. Jassy says:

    I love this. It’s beautiful and the artist is amazing + the photographer (of course) job well done.

  16. MV says:

    Are the models beautiful? Yes. Is the photographer skilled? Yes.
    Do the images glamorize violence? YES, and it disgusts me.

    Yet another magazine going to whatever means to use shock to gain attention and call it “dialogue”. And, before you ask, I would feel the same way if it were men. But, there are not any men in the photo shoot are there? No, just women who are portrayed as being brutalized. Be very clear, an injured woman can heal and be beautiful, but that is not what is shown in your photos. Your photos sensationalize and glamorize the actions of violence.

    With open eyes and mind, I clearly see the meaning in the photos and I reject it.

  17. Kare says:

    Calling these women ‘Victims of Beauty’ really hits hard as you look through each portrait. The photographer is amazingly talented (and the make-up artist as well). I personally see a very deep and powerful message being drowned out by those overly caught up in talk of ‘brutalizing women’.

    What -I- see are human beings. So many of us idolize singers, models, artists, actors, etc. and we seem to forget that they too are human. They have feelings. They make mistakes. They bleed; feel pain, and sorrow, bliss and happiness just like the rest of us. Just because they are beautiful we expect absolute perfection. Anything less is gossip, hate-speech, the passing of unfair judgement, and criticism.

    Those blessed with beauty really are Victims in a way. It’s kind of sad :(.

  18. jeanette says:

    Domestic violence and sexual assault is the least reported, yet most common forms of crime in almost every western society, so please stop trying to validate this by using a counter argument that it would be different if they were men. its small minded to think domestic violence isn’t a problem, or that it isnt ignored because it targets women for 95% of the cases. I find this series of photos very disturbing, not necessarily because it “glamorizes” anything, but mainly because it reminds me of all the individuals who have either died or suffered through injuries such as the ones depicted here. These acts of violence should not be tolerated, but ultimately are ignored and swept under the rug, or in the worst cases, such as this series of photos suggests, accepted as a mere fact of life for women. I would like to imagine that these portraits are about the vulnerability of an individual, or how individuals carry scars and injuries with them, but with the idealized model and editorial-esque presentation, and acute complacency in the models’ expression, I cannot interpret it as such. It really is quite disturbing, like putting lipstick on a corpse.

  19. Йоана says:

    Видях статията с малоумния ви имейл до Jezebel, ахахаха, аматьори, наистина ли си мислехте, че ще “провокирате” сайт, който се заминава с неграмотни сексисти като вас всеки ден от 5 години? Сериозно ли си въобразявахте, че можете да им кажете нещо, което не са чували? Дори не са ви коментирали имейла, а са го оставили да говори сам за себе си, защото е ТОЛКОВА идиотски. Прелест!

  20. Twelve says:

    А Вие, Йоана, наистина ли мислите, че ще толерираме липсата на възпитание у Вас като Ви отговорим?

  21. Vic says:

    As a fellow artist, you did an awesome job on this photoshoot. You did such a great job you’re creating controversy all around the world because of your work. Good job and the photography is stunning.

  22. tiffany says:

    I love is. Love the idea of it. Very beautiful. Thank you for such art.

  23. SD says:

    As a survior of domestic violence these pictures are disgusting. Another photographer who can’t get noticed unless they use something disgusting and call it art.

  24. kristin says:

    This is disgusting. What sick individual likes to look at pictures of women that have been brutalized?

  25. Emma says:

    This is extremely inappropriate. The photos were taken well but the message that they send negates any positivity surrounding their execution. Any survivor of abuse and domestic violence would take one look at these and feel sick and slighted. Not only are the women beaten and battered but their expressions suggest that they are used to it, even okay with it. A photo shoot like this should be used to raise awareness of an extremely serious problem not put abuse on some sort of sick pedestal.
    Just like young girls look at photos of emaciated women and try to emulate them they will look at something like this and see an issue that they don’t necessarily want to emulate, but that they feel is somehow okay. I for one, do not want my little sister or any little girl for that matter looking at things like this and seeing model quality beauty in something that we should be treating as a tragedy. If the only way you can get feedback on or sell your art is by being offensive and degrading then you should probably take up a different profession.

    There is beauty in these photographs…just not the kind of beauty that should be glorified and sensationalized. It’s a beauty that should be used to raise awareness of an issue. Using these photos in this format is only making this issue okay, and it is not.

  26. Yutani says:

    @Emma, do you honestly believe that there’s a little girl out there, that is stupid enough to see this picture, and assume that violence is okay? And one other thing – why are you automatically assuming that this is DOMESTIC violence? There are so many different ways of those wounds being inflicted. Some kinds of plastic surgery included. Think about it. Oh, and don’t forget, these are not real. Like the wounded girls in thriller movies, or your Halloween costume.

  27. Hillary says:


  28. […] the hotly debated editorial photo shoot featured in the current issue of 12 magazine. The “Victim Of Beauty” portfolio includes beautiful models wearing makeup that makes them appear as though they […]

  29. Emma says:

    @Yutani Yes I do. There are eight year olds who are anorexic because of the images they see in fashion magazines and websites. Those are photoshopped to perfection, making them unrealistic as well. Should they think that starving themselves and depriving their bodies is okay? No, but they do none the less.
    And one other thing Yutani, note that I also said “abuse” in my comment. I am not ignorant, obviously I know there are different ways that these wounds could have been inflicted, it still doesn’t make it okay. Before you go rudely railing on someone else’s opinion why don’t you actually read it, ok?
    Making allusions to my immaturity by talking about my “halloween costume” does nothing but make you look immature. Like a child who can only get their point recognized by being unpleasant about it.

  30. Lee says:

    This is disgusting. You have the audacity to post this and be proud of it. Shame on you. Violence is not beautiful. Something tells me that any of you working on this project has never been in the situation of an abused woman nor know anyone who has been. Theres nothing glamourous about a woman hit in the face or a with a slit throat. This should be taken off of the website, off of the internet. How do you all sleep at night?

  31. […] the hotly debated editorial photo shoot featured in the current issue of 12 magazine. The “Victim Of Beauty” portfolio includes beautiful models wearing makeup that makes them appear as though they […]

  32. Daina says:

    The work of the artists and the photographer are outstanding, but I almost wish this was presented differently. It draws me in and makes me sick all at the same time. But if that is the effect you were going for, it worked.

  33. Daina says:

    I see your intention 12, and I applaud you on your impact. However, since you left the “message” so blank, or neutralized, and paired something positive like beauty with something negative like victims of violence…you seem to make the brutality a positive thing. While this can be interpreted in many ways, which is great for art, this can be seen in a bad light so very easily that I don’t think the majority will be able to see the beauty in it.

  34. Person says:

    This is horribly distasteful and only promotes violence against women. It is clear that the editors of 12 are trying to promote misogyny and violence against women. Huben Hubenov and Slav Anastasov should be tried for hate crimes and sentenced to life in prison. Do not buy this offensive, disgusting, talent-less garbage they bother to call a magazine! Huben and Slav, you are an embarrassment to humanity.

  35. Mindy says:

    The title is misleading. These women aren’t ‘Victims of beauty’. They are victims of voilence. This is hideous and disgusting. Having been a victim of physical abuse myself, I find these images (notice I didn’t use the word ‘art’) disturbing – to say the least. You, at 12 Mag, should be ashamed of yourselves!

  36. sam says:

    Art is thought provoking and means something different to everyone of us. The very fact that all of us are commenting is proof that this art is fantastic. The make up, the models, the photographs are all beautiful in their own ways. Even if these women are depicted as being victims of violence they are no less beautiful dispute their scars. I think we can use these images to understand that no matter what someone looks like on the outside, you never know what they have experienced in their lives.

  37. sam says:

    I’m a victim of domestic violence as well. And I find it liberating that someone had the courage to show the world what women really look like when they are abused.

  38. Annie says:

    I have no problems with these. I think bruises are beautiful.Colors of all sorts can be found, and yes, this is art. Have an opened mind.

  39. yoyoyo says:

    Well, I had the crap beat out of me by my husband too. Violence is scary. Sam, if this is what you looked like after surviving abuse, awesome. I, on the other hand was not nearly so airbrushed.

    It reminds me of a Halloween costume ad. It is…well…art. Art comes in all kinds of different shapes and sizes and its not my place to judge what meaning is behind these pictures, its up to me to interpret how I choose. If there were captions that said, ‘she should have listened the first time’ I would be angry…but there isn’t. Actually, the most I got out of this was good ideas for next October 31st. That and…I work on an ambulance. I’ve seen these wounds, the real thing…again, not so pretty in real life.

  40. Jojo says:

    Everyone needs to stop acting like “If you had been through it you’d feel differently! *sobs*” I HAVE been through it and I think the pictures are beautiful. Stop using your personal traumas as an excuse for being overly sensitive and close-minded

  41. yoyoyo says:

    Jojo, so you’ve had your throat slit and a snitch smile carved into your face?? Hahaha. I agree you, though… but not in such a heartless way. Not in a falsely sympathetic *sobs* type of way because if there is anything that irritates me it is when people compare and belittle traumas. Let’s leave that for all the dead beat parents out there, right? And also, lets recognize that a lot of survivors of abuse have ‘issues’ with scenes of violence because PTSD is a real thing and we all have a tendency to personalize the things we see. But this is art, someone’s brain child and someone’s hard work, and in its own way pretty amazing…I understand both sides. Violence is as glamorized as sex in this society. People are drawn to taboos.

  42. Lisa Martick says:

    The fact that news of this art piece has made its way screaming around the free world intrigued me, as much as the riotous comments by the readers all revulsed at the imagery and the limits of decency it seemed to them to push clear past. I found the work fascinating for the deep visceral response it garnered in the United States. I am interested if our responses are tempered by the culture we are brought up in. I saw the photographer using his camera as a mirror of Western culture that has habitually seen women as commodities (more recently to sell commodities)and as objects to be viewed, admired, hated with or without our makeup on and with exposing our hurt, damaged selves or neatly hidden inside, not easily seen by others.

  43. […] when a beauty spread in Bulgarian publication, 12, featured six stunning models with serious injuries to various parts of their face, including black […]

  44. Йоана says:

    “А Вие, Йоана, наистина ли мислите, че ще толерираме липсата на възпитание у Вас като Ви отговорим?”

    Хаха, явно да, понеже сте ми отговорили.

    Jezebel изложиха провинциалното ви разбиране за “провокация” пред целия свят. Стига сте се излагали.

  45. nikimoto says:

    Мила Йоана, не те познавам, но поведението ти е на разглезено малко провинциално момиченце, решено да се заяжда на всяка цена. Освен епитети и клишета не открих особена мисъл в коментарите ти досега. За аргументи дори не смея и да мисля. Порастни – за твое добро е! Хейт на общо основание е доста примитивен опит да имаш социален живот и да се чувстваш значим. Да не говорим, че предизвиква само съжаление към хейтъра. Когато имаш с какво да защитиш мнението си, а не просто да констатираш клишета – пиши отново. За всички нас – участниците в тази дискусия ще бъде интересно да станем свидетели на мисловната ти дейност. Дотогава можеш спокойно да ни спестиш присъствието си.

  46. Tampopo says:

    Провинциално та провинциално. Какво сте се разпровинциалничили и двете, тези снимки са просто проява на лош вкус, нищо повече. Границата между провокацията и лошия вкус е много тънка и за съжаление тук е прескочена.

  47. nikimoto says:

    @Tampopo: Уважавам мнение, което е изказано аргументирано и несамоцелно. Също така когато има уважение, изискващо доброто възпитание, към отсрещната страна в спора. И само за сведение няма как да употребиш “и двете” най-малкото поради някои физиологични белези, които нося аз самият. Мисля, че ник-ът, който ползвам издава това ;)Успех на теб!

  48. DD says:

    I think people do assume too much in life, and having read some of these comments it astounds me that you think 12 is making a profit off domestic violence.
    I see no man in any of these pictures abusing these women and while someone may have a black eye etc it is easy to assume domestic violence. To me you can acquire these marks from numerous different sources and to me these pictures are thought provoking but in no way condoning domestic violence.

    I take my hat off to the photographer and also the makeup artist, as this is exceptional work and I only wish my smokey eye looked as good. Well done 12 for publishing this amazing work. :)

  49. Brooke says:

    As someone who has suffered from years of physical abuse in the past, I don’t find these images troubling at all. The artist was not trying to hurt anyone with these images, they didn’t say to themselves that they wanted to offend a bunch of women by taking them. And also as an artist, people take concepts way too seriously and on a whole new level that it’s ridiculous.

  50. […] commenter on the website writes, “This is the glorification of violence against women dressed up as […]

  51. […] commenter on the website writes, “This is the glorification of violence against women dressed up as […]

  52. Mike Diaz says:

    Absolutely profound! Loved the work and what I find most exciting about the project is that it’s getting people riled up and thinking. Everyone has a different interpretation of the project and it brings up so many raw emotions. It’s spectacular to read about the disgust, angst, anger, and fear that people feel from seeing these photos. Well done and brava!

  53. […] commenter on the website writes, “This is the glorification of violence against women dressed up as […]

  54. Angel says:

    I think it’s unique, and I don’t see how it “glamorizes violence” at all. It’s make-up, why must it be in pretty flattering shades for it to be pleasant? If someone feels “uncomfortable” then it must automatically be wrong. This is no different then a horror movie, just now it’s able to be appreciated for it’s work and beauty.

  55. […] commenter on the website writes, “This is the glorification of violence against women dressed up as […]

  56. Vivi says:

    I took this to be more about what you can do with make-up. You can make someone glamorous or you can give them fake wounds and disfigurements. It’s rare to see someone doing both simultaneously. But if you want to complain about exploitation look at CSI and other crime shows which are cashing in by portraying women as victims. And when the women aren’t victims they are made to look impossibly perfect-again by make-up.

  57. […] One commenter on the website writes, “This is the glorification of violence against women dressed up as ‘art.’ It is demoralizing to women and offensive to anyone who has ever experienced violence. Use the pictures for a campaign against violence against women. Otherwise you must expect to be condemned for trying to cash in on something that is so reprehensible.” […]

  58. Marymack says:

    I think this is a poor work of art. You have some sick people getting off on the idea of beating women as we speak. I hate these images. The only way they would be appropriate is if they were being ussed to promote a good message.

  59. AnAb says:

    Excuse me?! Who the F*&^ creates this and uses it as an excuse for “art?” This is sick and wrong: glamorizing violence, and trying to pass it off as beautiful! There is nothing beautiful or glamorous in being beaten, raped, tortured, or murdered! Did you even consider how the victims of such abuse would see this? There’s nothing about these women that strikes me as beautiful because they agreed to send the wrong message to the world. This is disgusting, offensive, and perverted…

  60. Jâk says:

    Finally a photographer that captures the models inner appearance and not their outer.

  61. […] commenter on the website writes, “This is the glorification of violence against women dressed up as […]

  62. Danielle says:

    I find it curious so many commenters state that any survivor or domestic viloence would find this dsgusting; I find it beautiful and artistic. I infact am a survivor or violence and I don’t think they are glamorizing abuse in a any way. Bravo!

  63. […] a Bulgarian publication called 12. Their recent issue features a photo spread  entitled “Victim of Beauty” that depicts models with severe cuts and bruises who are wearing H&M skirts and clothes by […]

  64. t says:

    Really offensive. Not cool, Not beautiful, very disrespectful to all the victims of violence. We are telling our society sex sells,etc. Let us not tell our children this is ok. This is UN acceptable!!

  65. t says:

    Whatever Danielle!!!

  66. Andon Ivanov says:

    Много интересно и любопитно :)

  67. naomi says:

    This is disgusting, offensive and, dare I say it, obscene. Is this what you want to happen to you? your daughter? your mother? your friend? will you say they are victims of beauty when you are sitting across from someone with these kinds of injuries and looking at the fresh wounds and later scars? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

  68. dante says:

    This is bizarre.

  69. Krake says:

    Huben Hubenov and Slav Anastasov
    Editors in Chief

    Regarding your letter of defense: if I saw men depicted this way in a fashion spread called, say, Victims of Handsomeness, I would be just as appalled as I am viewing your very much violence-promoting Victims of Beauty spread.

    If I saw these photos in an ad against Domestic Violence, I would NOT think, “Oh, how brave!” I would think of the horror these women went/are going through. I would think about my anger and outrage and how to help stop the brutalization of women in this world.

    FGM. Honor killings. Wife Beating. Rape. Magazines that use images of women as objects, victims of “beauty”… the list goes on.

    Victims of Beauty? Or victims of violence? Victims of a misogynic culture promoted by magazines like 12 Magazine.

    Your spread is not “edgy” or “thought provoking.” Everybody does this to women. I’ve seen ads with “dead” women in car trunks. Another “dead” woman across a car hood with a tie wrapped around her throat, the other end of the tie in the hands of a man. You think you’re being edgy? You’re copycatting everyone else. This spread is not showing deformed or acid scarred women as “still beautiful,” not alongside women with slit throats and blackened eyes. This spread is using women in a terrible, terrible way to promote… whatever it is you’re promoting. You have simply taken the end of the tie into your own hands.

  70. […] Las sesiones de fotos de las revistas tienen muchas veces la capacidad de generar polémica. Y eso es justamente lo que ocurrió con 12 Magazine, que publicó una serie de duras imágenes bajo el lema “Victim of beauty“. […]

  71. […] Whatever the limit, Bulgaria’s 12, a fashion magazine, could be accused of intentionally reaching for it with their recently published shoot ‘Victim of Beauty.’ […]

  72. […] “Victim Of Beauty” portfolio includes beautiful models wearing makeup that makes them appear as though they […]

  73. Samantha says:

    this exerpt from an article says it well:

    “Were the magazine spread a deliberate attempt to raise awareness and generate conversation about our society’sfailure to prevent and punish widespread violence against women, it might be possible to salvage an argument in its favor. But the spread contains no words or explanations to contextualize it, plus editors-in-chief Huben Hubenov and Slav Anastasov have actually gone on record arguing the photos can be interpreted as “beautiful”:

    ‘We believe that images such as ours can be seen from various angles, and we think that exactly that is what is beautiful about fashion and photography in general – that anybody can understand it their own way, and fill it with their own meaning. Where some see a brutal wound, others see a skilful (sic) work of an artist, or an exquisite face of a beautiful girl.’

    “With these blithe words, Hubenov and Anastasov have not just admitted to cheapening violence against women but to actively eroticizing it as well.”

  74. Мнение says:

    Научих за сайта ви от вестник Le monde, от статията, която са посветили на тази фотосесия ( Ако още не сте я чели, горещо ви препоръчвам да го направите.
    Лично аз намирам голямо противоречие между това, което сте изфабрикували като фотосесия и това, което сте написали в раздела на сайта “За нас”:
    12 е уебсайт за мода, стил и живот.
    12 е сега, но гледа напред и си спомня назад.
    12 е искрено и позитивно, но има собствено мнение и не се страхува да го покаже.
    12 обича да говори със и за интересните хора, да ходи на приятните места и да показва добрите продукти.
    Ако чуждестранните вестници, блогове, списания до сега са ви следили заради красивите и позитивни неща, които сте публикували, може би в бъдеще няма да го правят.
    По простичките причини, която Le monde изтъква, публикувайки мнения на специалисти: това, което сте показали им идва малко в повече. Такива приоми са използвани и то безуспешно преди 20 години. Една фотосесия, зад която не стои никакво мнение, а само предупреждения, че не е за деца(като че ли предупреждението ще ги спре да гледат..)
    Тъжно! А можехте да бъдете красивото и позитивно лице на онлайн изданията.
    Тъжно… до къде може да довете единствената цел, която аз виждам в тази публикация – привличане на посетители на сайта.

  75. Miryana says:

    The mass reaction is quite strange!
    Is the life only beautiful, pretty, nice and well dressed? Are they no violence, brutality and “ugly and painful” truth?
    I really got sick of nice magazines with pretty faces cultivating the need of being a perfect doll in the young women’s psychology. The hollow beautiful shell for a women is the straight way to misfortune caused by somebody’s envy or pure haste.
    I admire “12” for being so provocative, so direct and not being afraid looking into the eyes of real life. Cause life is not the nice fashionable clothes, feminine make-up and fashion advise. Finally fashion could do something for the people not only giving empty hopes and dreams.

  76. ivan ivanov says:

    вие сте егати идиотите! не ме интересува какво сте снимали – добре е направено и дотам ще коментирам по самата тема. но как може да сложите снимките в огромен размер и на slideshow, а с миниатюрен шрифт отдолу да пишете “Препоръчителен родителски контрол…за деца и хора със слаби нерви” ?! прави се наобратно, глупаци, иначе по-добре не го правете!

  77. Min says:

    Oh Oh look. I am so subversive, I think this is art. I have no mind of my own. I am a moron. I am dumb. Since this is so beautiful I’m going to make up my face this way. Oh what a great photographer! Look film and lights were used! Genius! Absolutely genius! I wish I was the photographer! Next photo shoot I use I’m going to put clothes on dead bodies. That’s never been done before. I’m a pioneer, moving on to the next stage of fashion. Next time I’ll just show clothes on a decapitated body. It will represent..women without heads are still beautiful! I don’t have a head! I am beautiful! Thank God I don’t have a head!

  78. […] списанието публикува фотосесия наречена “жертви на красотата” и заглавието е изключително интересно за […]

  79. […] depictions of women that may or may not make us squirm, did any of you ever see the fashion spread Victim Of Beauty? It was in the Bulgarian magazine 12, and it pissed off a lot of people. Is art like this ever ok? […]

  80. […] As the title suggests, these images depict women who are Victims of Beauty according to 12 Magazine. […]

  81. […] Magazine, 12 Mag, has sure been rufflin’ up some feathers over a piece they ran in June entitled […]

  82. […] bulgară 12 a făcut adevărate furori cu o serie grotească de fotografii intitulată “Victim of Beauty” (Victimă a frumuseţii), realizată de fotograful Vasil Germanov şi care prezintă modele lovite, […]

  83. […] man so mehr Make-up verkauft? Victim of Beauty nannte das bulgarische Magazin 12 diese […]

  84. […] Link de acesso direto ao editorial da revista 12 Magazine. […]

  85. […] editorial intended to juxtapose special event makeup with special effects makeup. 12 Mag’s editor-in-chief told the New York Post that any comparisons to domestic violence […]

  86. […] way of glamorizing violence and dehumanization in mass media, especially in the fashion world. The “victim of beauty” slogan undoubtedly creates a further connotation of dehumanisation in the world of fashion and […]

  87. […] of Beauty foi clicado por Vasil Germanov com make perfeito de Daniela Avramova para 12mag. Faz um alerta sobre a violência contra as mulheres de maneira […]

  88. […] Yeux au beurre noir, lèvres fendues, gorge tranchée, brûlures nauséabondes, petites filles de 10 ans hypersexualisées, vieil homme en haillons sous un parasol Burberry, bébé d’une femme édentée en bavoir Fendi à 100 dollars, femme portant au bras un sac Hermes à plus de 10 000 dollars, modèle blanc abritée par l’ombrelle d’un enfant noir vêtu d’un simple pagne … […]

  89. […] there was a fashion editorial in a Bulgarian fashion magazine entitled “Victim of Beauty”– it was a series of photographs of models in expensive couture clothing, hair and makeup […]

  90. […] 12 Magazine, 6 June 2012, Victim of Beauty, 12 Magazine, 20 March 2014, […]

  91. […] of Bulgarian fashion magazine, 12 Magazine, say that graphic photographs depicting women to be “victims of beauty” glamourize and condone domestic abuse. The six images of seemingly injured models were designed to […]

  92. […] of advertisers could be to provide ‘shock value’, as i discovered when I researched the 12 magazine spread. Controversy is publicity. However no sexual meaning could be intended such as the David jones […]

  93. […] differences, and the shelves with human parts and blood tubes, while preparing her work for the Victim of Beauty […]

  94. […] more comments here. The common factor in all of these comments is that each viewer believes the images reflect abuse […]

  95. […] photo shoot in 2012, titled Victim of Beauty. You can see the rest of the photos here: (NC16; they’re not for the faint-hearted, according to 12). Below is an interview […]

Victim of Beauty

Update: Watch the video interview with Daniela Avramova, here.

Recommended Parental Controls: The photographs are not recommended for persons under 16 years.
And for the faint hearted. (more…)

Още от рубриката

27 коментара за “Victim of Beauty”

  1. Odioso says:

    Me parece una salvajada frivolizar con un tema tan serio.
    Las marcas de maquillaje,vestuario,joyas,las modelos,y el fotógrafo tampoco han tenido una actitud de admirar,prestandose para algo así.

  2. Lilliana says:

    Really all you are doing is documenting the beauty of mulage? Are you people insane? You are GLAMORIZING the horror of Abuse of Women. Period. There is absolutely nothing artistic about this spread. There is a HUGE difference between DOCUMENTING ABUSE and GLAMORIZING ABUSE and you are Guilty of the latter. Women are beaten, maimed, killed every day in every single nation and now your title alone blames beauty for the abuse? Disgusting!

  3. Yulianna says:

    I see this as nothing but an expression of Bulgarian cultural views regarding violence against women. It’s a pervasive problem over there, and I’m willing to bet that this idiotic magazine has more than a few men on staff who think nothing of beating their wives or girlfriends. Why not skip the makeup and batter them for real? Disgusting and shameful.

  4. Twelve says:

    Well Yulianna, you lose the bet, the men in our staff are all gay, so your thesis is as empty as your conclusion.
    Why not skip commenting and think for real?

  5. Yulianna says:

    @Twelve: That makes it worse. Gay men are another large population who are often the victims of physical abuse, and as such should be extra sympathetic to survivors of domestic violence. Why not feature a photo spread of battered gay men and call it art?

  6. Twelve says:

    Why not stop trying to make this shoot about domestic violence?

  7. Yulianna says:

    @Twelve: The sad thing about this shoot is that, appropriately contextualized, you could be sending the complete opposite message, yet you chose to turn a serious issue into a frivolous commercial endeavor. Sadly, this problem does not exist in a vacuum, it is pervasive in your industry. In trying to be edgy, you simply followed suit. Congratulations on using an under served population to garner publicity and sell more magazines.

  8. Yulianna says:

    @Twelve: Why feature a photo spread full of battered women?

  9. Yulianna says:

    @Twelve: Ok, if I’m not supposed to make this about violence against women, what are you trying to say, exactly? If I decide to look at this uncritically, the only thing I get out of this spread is “Battered women are pretty. I should totally buy that lipstick.”

  10. Yulianna says:

    And I admit my initial comment about your staff was out of line, but it got your attention, didn’t it? Just like your photo shoot, attention-grabbing and out of line.

  11. Yulianna says:

    Ok, I read this article and see now that you were going for horror flick:

    In which case, this project was just poorly conceptualized. It might not hurt to consult other female editors (women outside of the fashion industry) before releasing this stuff.

  12. Twelve says:

    Well that’s the thing, isn’t it? We didn’t explain our meaning, making it possible for everyone to read what they want. And if you are reading “abuse”, it is in your head, not ours. We see beautiful girls, shockingly good special effects makeup, and great photography.

  13. Yulianna says:

    That is a complete cop out. You’re basically saying that your magazine is blameless because you didn’t bother to contextualize your photos– that is exactly the problem. Artists contextualize their work all the time (see: Nan Goldin), or at least explain themselves in an artist’s statement. If you were going for “horror flick,” why not reference some actual horror movies? Or throw in some props? Or include men? Men also die in horror movies, you know?

    Violence against women is not just “in my head,” it is a very real, unglamorous thing. I agree that that your artists and photographers have good technique, but what’s at issue here (artistically) is a poorly thought out concept and equally thoughtless execution. Your customers deserve better. Women deserve better.

  14. Yulianna says:

    Actually, these photos ARE contextualized by the title of the spread, “Victim of Beauty.”

    the word “victim” + pictures of women with black eyes = foregone conclusion

  15. alli says:

    Victim of Beauty? Wouldn’t that be photos of anorexic women with their name brand bags or women with deformed feet in their jimmy choos? This makes no sense. If you’re going for horror film you failed.

    If this is supposed to say women who are victims of abuse are also beautiful why not use women really affected by it and show their true beauty/courage, instead of creating women who look like acid has been on their face or sliced? This is the weirdest, sickest commercial project. It seems like this was not conceptualized and made just to sensationalize.

  16. khris says:

    christ there are other reasons for a woman being hurt besides domestic violence. it’s actually quite a sexist mentality that for every injured woman you see that there’s a man behind it who supports this somehow. then whilst being so dangerously judgemental (like how the people who contributed to these photos names and reps are currently being dragged through the mud) you’re probably going to tell someone to check their privilege.


  17. Helen Nelsen says:

    As a consumer and a woman I’m tired of seeing this boring crap. Oh, how edgy she looks like acid has been thrown in her face. A half-rated American reality show did this in 2007.

  18. Lindsay says:

    The “Victims of Beauty” spread is bad, the defense is worse. Violence against women is real, these images are sensationializing it and in no way is that art (or original in any way.) Sure, some skill went into the actual makeup, photography and special effects but that is the last thing people think of when clicking through these images. To think that ALL people are going to think of when they see these photos are, ‘wow what neat effects and purdy faces these are’ is delusional, superficial, and blatenly ignorant. There is a reason so many people are reading abuse from this spread and that’s because it showcases ABUSE.

  19. Krake says:

    Khris: Lots of other reasons besides domestic violence, huh? Okay, how about violence against women, period? Serial killers, rapists, wife beaters… hmmmm… 99% male. Then there are magazines trying to come off as “edgy” when all they’re doing is copying other magazines and ads that PROMOTE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, PERIOD.


  20. Krem says:

    СТРАХОТНИ СТЕ!!!!!!!

  21. Krem says:

    You are just amaising guys!!! Thank’s for this nice job!

  22. }Luna{ says:

    As a woman, I think these photos ….. ARE GREAT !!!
    Nobody likes violence in this (in)sanitized world !
    Impose these images hurts people of a well known truth that they don’t want to see.
    Showing brutality in beauty remind people that these violence can appends to ANYONE.

    But … it’s not your fault that there is still stupid people that couldn’t understand and couldn’t think more depper than just what they see :P

    Keep going, hurt people ! Maybe one day, we shouldn’t have anymore violence to show :P

    Best regards,

  23. Twelve says:

    Thank you all for the commentaries, both positive and negative!

  24. Krem says:

    Thank you, Twelve!

  25. Kremdekrem says:

    How people don’t understand that these pictures are AGAINST violence ?… Who can honestly pretend that the photograph wants to promote violence against women ?… Who would think watching these pictures “oh,that’s nice, I should beat my wife” ?… These pictures are shocking, but it’s for a good reason. There is no need to explain everything beforehand. The meaning of this pictures is clear enough ! All these western comments are insane ! Ah, if it was a french, an american or an italian decadent artist who would have made this shooting, I guess it would be different… By the way, I’m a westerner !

  26. no name says:

    I like these photographs very much and understand both the critical and positive remarks. I am a “victim” of physical, sexual and mental abuse and I am glad to see, that even when people struggle with abuse they are still regarded valuable and beautiful. It takes strength to be a victim, but we often fail in carrying it with elegance and that is not a pretty sight. The title “victims of beauty” is rather misleading if your intention was to praise strong woman who suffers different kinds of violent experiences.
    However, I do like these pictures. To me they mean that even when I am being reduced to nothing, I still have me and I am beautiful – regardless.

  27. A says:

    I don’t think those photos are about domestic violence at all, and certainly not glamourizing it. If it were, the title should be “beauty of victims” instead of “victims of beauty”. Being a victim of dv myself, I don’t find this offensive at all. I think this is a very creative idea with good make up artist and photographers to present those photos.
    And to attack the magazine staffs and make offensive comments about their country is just rude and ignorant. Give these guys a break.
    Well done, twelve.